Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bauble Round-Up: Favorite Summer Jewels

Evening Lovelies,

I am sharing my favorite jewelry picks for summer! Granted if you live in North Carolina as I do, you have to be cautious when choosing to wear anything unnecessary from the months of April to September. We are talking necklace tan lines, sweating in unattractive ways, and burning metals--it's serious y'all! Katniss is the only "Girl on Fire" one world needs. Good thing all this bling is so beautiful it totally does not matter if injury occurs.

 Also, I love a lot of beautiful jewelry styles, but I want to iterate that the land of eBay, TJ Maxx, CATO (yes, y'all the girl said Cato!), Belk's clearance rack and Groop Dealz is where 99.3% of my jewelry comes from. A big price tag does not mean extra means you paid more. Invest in pieces you will wear over and over again. Definitely scope out awesome brands like Loren Hope, Bauble Bar, J.Crew,  Kendra Scott, and Stella and Dot to discover inspiration, then look for cheaper alternatives, especially for trendier pieces that may soon go out of style!

Below are some of my [current] favorite jewels:

1. Kendra Scott Harlow Statement Necklace in Neon Yellow: Kendra Scott is a goddess. Her jewelry is exquestic and she knows it, so this pretty will place a large hole in your pocket. Opt for this Forever 21 Facets of Fancy Bib Necklace steal instead without jeopardizing style!

2.  Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in Teal: Y'all this is too perfect. Love a pendant necklace. They are so easy and great to throw on with a tank and jeans. Also, these come in a slew of colors ranging from blinding brights to neutrals. Check out this Lulu's Cool Pendulum Swing Pendant Necklace for a cheaper buy.

3.  Accessory Concierge Neon Pink Rose Quartz Druzy Pendant : Accessory Concierge has some super cool pieces, but I love a lot of their more tribal pendants in the Summer New Arrivals, especially this quartz pendant! Seriously, love. Love the mix of natural with the neon pink and would be so cool layered with more gold hued pieces.

4. J.Crew Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace: This beauty is so timeless and looks fabulous layered. I know you are thinking that isn't a very summery piece, but there is only so much neon one season can take, so opt for this understated and elegant piece for weddings or to tone down over the top color that you craving! Although the J.Crew one is a splurge there are plenty of similar styles elsewhere online, but you most certainly would get tons of use out of such a versatile item! [Steal version, Francesca's Medina Pearl Necklace and F21 Marbled Faux Pearl Necklace]

5.  Cato Cascading Bib Necklace This necklace is beautiful! I love the crystals at the top and the colors. Can I admit that I have such a tendency to linger towards aqua-turquoise-greeny-cools, but I tried really hard to incorporate some pinks and this passed the test! For less than $15.00 this is such a steal!

6.  Bauble Bar Crystal Hex Pendant this piece is so beautiful to me. I love the mix of tortoise and turquoise (say that three times, fast). Hopefully, y'all agree and find this as cool as I do. It is definitely different, but I think it would love fabulous paired with a white summer top or black maxi!  

7.  Towne and Reese Sutton Earring: I recently discovered Towne and Reese and I love their...everything! They create items that are functional enough to be everyday, but also enough flare for occasions and I love their clean and bold styles.
Look below to see how I am currently styling 
some of my favorite pieces already! 
   From left to right, starting with the top row:
 1. Moon and Lola Block Monogram Necklace in Antique Gold (size Large). I cannot say how much I adore Moon and Lola's monograms for quality and wearability. I have two (the other in Tortoise) and wear them almost daily! 
Francesca's Statement Bib Floral Necklace (similar Cato style linked here). 
2. Loft Beaded Statement Necklace (older style, similar style from Towne and Reece I love!).
 3. Kate Spade Say 'Yes' to 'Mrs' Necklace. This necklace is so special to me, given to me by my girls on my wedding eve, but it is also fabulous and can be layered with anything!
Purple Peridot Crystal Dome Necklace found for a steal on GroopDealz 
4. This is a GroopDealz exclusive that I unfortunately cannot find, but keep a look out for daily deals. I snagged it for $3.99! 
5. This Cato Fashion's necklace is no longer available online! Look above at the Cato necklace I suggested.
6. AHHH. Love this necklace y'all! Page 6 Cora Necklace ( in a different color I don't see my color any longer) is such a beautiful piece. Every time I wear it I get asked so many times where it is from. It is literally a statement necklace.

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